Our Last Nativity Season

Schedule of options and prices for schools and clubs

For a minimum booking of 30 people up to a maximum of 70

Basic Package (Option 1):
Performing the narrated nativity play with the use of our costumes, animals, lights and music.
5.72 per person

With refreshments (Option 2):
As Option 1 plus refreshments. Tea, coffee and juice. Shortbread biscuits, mince pies.
Mulled wine available for adults at an additional 2.00 per glass.
7.50 per person

With Father Christmas (Option 3):
As Option 1 plus a visit to Father Christmas and a present (no refreshments).
9.50 per child
5.75 per adult

Full package (Option 4):
As Option 1 plus
  • for children: refreshments, a visit to Father Christmas and a present
  • for adults: tea, coffee, mince pies. (Mulled wine available at 2.00 per glass)
10.75 per child
7.50 per adult

For groups of under 30 people

We can take bookings for small groups of under 30 people but we have to make a fixed charge to ensure our costs are covered.

Basic package (Option 1):172.50
With refreshments (Option 2):225.00
With Father Christmas (Option 3):285.00
Full package (Option 4):322.50

How much time should we allow?

Times are approximate and are based on a visit of around 30 children. With more children it will take slightly longer and with less children slightly less time will be required. The estimated time includes time for the children to ride the donkey and hold the lambs once the performance has finished.

Basic package (Option 1):1 to 1 1/4 hours
With refreshments (Option 2):1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours
With Father Christmas (Option 3):1 1/2 to 2 hours
Full package (Option 4):1 1/2 to 2 hours

To discuss your options or for further details contact
Chris or Helen on 0114 236 4761

Totley Christmas Festivals Totley Hall Farm, Totley Hall Lane, Totley, Sheffield S17 4AA
Tel / Fax: 0114 236 4761